A Snow White Finnish Morning

It was when I stepped into the airport that I met the beautiful kindness of the Finns. Then a snowy bus ride, all the way to the train station. Rushing to a random florist right before Finland appeared right in front of me waiting for me to greet it with its stunning shyness, confused look and freezing coziness.

12309438_10153754722233627_1069823708_nGazing into the beauty of this place with my half asleep eyes and touching its soft feeling with my half frozen hands. Over a cup of coffee, wondering how it is possible to be surrounded by people but still be in silence. My mellow December. Walking on the slippery ice without knowing that I walk into unforgettable memories.

Letting glöggi warm up your hands at the cutest Christmas market, pies of different shapes, and crowds that avoid random talks but are happy to have your calm company. Sun sets early every evening, and rises late every morning just to let you watch the starts falling on you as snowflakes in the dark. A modest and dark Christmas morning that you cannot leave the loveliness of the wool socks. IMG_8890Every relaxing morning, half awake, you still dream about the warmth of life under a blanket while the white sky meets the ground outside.

As you step outside to the most modest architecture surrounded by beautifully preserved nature, you will meet the most silent people that make the loudest music. The cold weather washes your face offering you a warm cup of coffee, holding your hand. Finland shows you the life without stress. Where loneliness does not hurt, kindness and honesty are never to be replaced.

Teach me how to be sincere, how to be beautiful in your unreadable language. Look me in the eye and smile at me in a snow white Finnish morning when the sun is too shy to show its face. And as your cheeks blush, tell me how close we are to our heaven in this silent, relaxing and peaceful place.

“Voisit olla onnellinen täällä. Pitäisin huolta sinusta. En antaisi kenenkään tehdä sinulle pahaa. Voisimme kasvaa yhdessä.”

December, 17, 2014

Helsinki, Finland


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